Welcome to DerrickGreen.org.  This site is a fan-operated tribute to Derrick Green.  Derrick has no affiliation with this site.

The mission of this site is to serve as a hub for all information related to Derrick’s career including projects (new and old), interviews, tour dates and more.  I first discovered Derrick in the late 1990s prior to his joining Sepultura.  When I heard he was joining the band I researched him and picked up a copy of Friendly Green by Outface.  I have been a Derrick fan ever since. Derrick is a phenomenal vocalist and incredibly versatile.

My name is Jesse and I’m just another fan.  Please contact me if you find any errors or information that needs to be revised on the site.  I would like to thank Jason Korolenko, Philippe Jacquemin, Eugene Flores, Tono Čajka, Sepulnation and Sepultura Community for the use of photos, help with the site and support.

Photo credit for main/home page photo of Derrick: Philippe Jacquemin

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