Maximum Hedrum

Maximum Hedrum is a collaboration that was formed in 2011 by Derrick Green and DJ, composer and producer Sam Spiegel.   Maximum Hedrum released a full length album in 2013 which was distributed by Stereophonic Records.  Maximum Hedrum recorded music in Prague, São Paulo, and Los Angeles.

Derrick Green
Sam Spiegel
Fredo Ortiz
Ashley Dzerigian

Album: Maximum Hedrum
Record label: Spectrophonic Sound
Release date: March 19, 2013

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Track Listing:

1. Castles
2. Keep in Touch
3. RoboIntro
4. RoboSexual
5. Glasshouse
6. Ph.D
7. Imperfectly Mine
8. Sext Lectures
9. Synthesize
10. Deeper Than Charlie
11. Hugz for Everybody
12. Goodbye Love

13. Belly of the Beast (Bonus Track)


Above: Maximum Hedrum – Live in Brazil from Rock in Rio and the Asteroid Club