Overfiend was a New York band that was formed in the mid 1990s after Derrick Green and Charlie Garriga moved to New York following the disbandment of Outface.  Overfiend saw the addition of Sammy Siegeler on drums and Eric Thrice on bass.  Sara Cox replaced Eric Thrice on bass shortly thereafter.  The band’s name is derived from a Japanese anime film titled Legend of the Overfiend.  Overfiend’s existence was short-lived.  The band recorded a three-song demo and played just one concert, opening for hardcore punk band Sick of it All, in New York, before splitting up.  Charlie Garriga and Sammy Siegeler moved forward to form CIV while Derrick Green and Sara Cox formed Alpha Jerk in 1996.

Guitar, Vocals: Derrick Green
Guitar: Charlie Garriga
Bass: Sara Cox
Drums: Sammy Siegeler