Alpha Jerk

Alpha Jerk was a New York based band that formed in 1996.  The lineup included Derrick Green, Sara Cox and former Gorilla Biscuits drummer Luke Abby who was later replaced by drummer Nick Heller.  Alpha Jerk recorded one studio album, the self-titled Alpha Jerk, which was released in 1996 by Toybox records.  Two tracks from Alpha Jerk were featured on New York’s Hardest, Volume 2, a compilation album.  In the liner notes of the compilation, audio engineer/producer Tim Giles wrote, “Alpha Jerk are NY emo-core favorites featuring Gorilla Biscuits drummer Luke.  Singer Derrick was one big bad ass looking mofo who had us on the floor laughing all night.”

Derrick Green: Vocals and Guitar
Chris: Guitar
Sara Cox: Bass
Nick Heller: Drums

Alpha Jerk
Album: Alpha Jerk
Record label: Toybox Records
Release date: 1996

View the album on Victory Records.

The album is not currently available for streaming on Spotify.

Track Listing:
1. What You Got
2. Backwoods Billy
3. Cattle
4. Alpha Jerk
5. Lookin for Me
6. Kick Down