Outface was a Cleveland, Ohio based band that was formed in the 1980s.  In 1986, at the age of 15 years old, Derrick joined Outface.  Outface had a different singer for a short period before Derrick joined the band.  Once Derrick was in the band, the lineup consisted of Derrick on vocals, Charlie Garriga on guitar, Frank Cavanagh on bass and Mark Konopka on drums.  Outface recorded two demos in the period from 1987-1989 and were then offered a one-album record deal under Walter Schriefels’ record label, Crisis Records.  The result is the band’s 1992 release, Friendly Green, which was named for Derrick’s father.  Derrick is listed as “Simon Verde” on the credits of the album.  The music is interesting and has rock, metal and ska influences.  Outface toured the United States and Europe in support of the 1992 album.


Frank Cavanagh would later be a member of bands Prong and Filter.  Charlie Garriga later joined punk rock band CIV.

Derek Erdman of TheStranger.com published two articles discussing the Cleveland hardcore scene which mention Outface and have a photograph of Outface with Derrick Green from the 1980s.  Click to view Part One and Part Two.

Derrick Green: Vocals
Frank Cavanagh: Guitar
Charlie Garriga: Bass
Mark Konopka: Drums

Album: Friendly Green
Record label: Crisis Records
Release date: December 27, 1992

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Track Listing:

1. Static
2. Abel’s Brother
3. Near Near
4. Petals
5. Fear Not
6. Ink Blot
7. Not Cut Out
8. A Hole in the Heart