Derrick Green made a guest appearance on Integrity 2000, the fifth album from Cleveland hardcore band Integrity.  The album was released on April 8, 1999 by Victory Records. Derrick Green provided guest vocals on one track which is titled “Never Surrender”.

Album Lineup: 
Vocals: Dwid Hellion
Guest Vocals: Derrick Green
Guest Vocals: Jason Popson
Guitar: David Felton
Bass: Craig Martini
Drums: Steve Felton


Album: Integrity 2000
Record label: Victory Records
Release date: April 8, 1999

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Track Listing:
1. 2000
2. Never Never
3. The Burden of Purity
4. Never Surrender (featuring Derrick Green)
5. Sanctuary
6. Given You Everything
7. Falling Away
8. Never Meant As Much
9. Violated
10. I Wake to Find
11. Eighteen 99
12. Nor Wars: Dave and Nord, Perfectly Groomed
13. Nor Wars 2: Skinny Strikes Back

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