Derrick made a guest appearance on Asphalt’s debut album 357 Knockout which was released in 1994 by Dark Empire Records.  Asphalt was a Cleveland based band that was comprised of some former False Hope members after it disbanded.  Knockout 357 also features nearly a dozen guests in total including Integrity vocalist Dwid Hellion.  Derrick recorded vocals for two songs on the album — Plantation Brown and Burnt.    The album itself is unique as each track has its own unique lineup of musicians and musical style.  Similar to Outface, Derrick was credited as “Simon Verde” on the 357 Knockout liner notes.

Album Lineup: 
Vocals: Dwid Hellion
Guitar, Vocals: Chris Smith
Bass, Vocals: Sam “Sinner” LoPiccolo
Drums, Back-up Vocals: David Nicholi Araca
Guest Vocals: Derrick Green (“Simon Verde”)
Guest Vocals: Dwid Hellion
Guest Vocals: Donny Brown
Guest Vocals and Violin: Sara Stathas
Guest Guitar: Bill Korecky
Guest Guitar: Ron Banner


Album: 357 Knockout
Record label: Dark Empire Records
Release date: September 23, 1994

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Track Listing:
1. Straight With Jesus
2. Soaked
3. Plantation Brown (featuring Derrick Green)
4. Stick
5. Damaged at 40 Below
6. Pinworm
7. Wife
8. Burnt (featuring Derrick Green)
9. Doghead
10. Backslider: And Then There Was Z
11. Mammoth: All In A Days WOrk
12. UM